Why GreenOil are unique filtration system

WHAT - Clean Oil avoid risk of an operational shutdown and to ensure operational reliability and durability in any kind of oil system.

WHY - It is very essential for efficient particle filtering – primarily because our oil systems include sensitive components and operate at very small tolerances.

HOW - Installation of permanent GreenOil filtration system, ensures clean oil at all times and in short term a major economic benefit as well avoid disturbance and shut down in the oil system.

GreenOil Service & Maintenance

GreenOil combined water and particle filters are all made of proven quality parts. Our patented water separator is totally maintenance free and our filters has the highest dirt holding capacity in its class at minimum cost.


Servicing of GreenOil filters are what we call "No skilled work". Replacement of filter cartridges are carried out in few minutes, without using any tools, with absolutely no oil contact and no oil spill at all.